La Fontanina

farm holidays manciano grosseto


La Fontanina - farm holidays manciano grosseto

The Fontanina is an agricultural company to situated familiar conduction in the center of the Tuscany. The farm holidays is composed from five ideal independent apartments in order to rest and to pass with tranquillity the vacations, eating the genuine products that the company offers.

In the Barn there are two apartments, each one is independent , with furnished kitchen, a bedroom, abath with shower, porch and private garden and mansard.
In the Pigsty we find two apartments and the bed sitting room, each one independent.Downstairs there are an apartment composed by a furnished kitchen, a bedroom, a bath with shower,a porch and private garden; a bed sitting room equipped for bearers of handicap with angle baking, wide bath, porch and private garden.
Upstairs there is the last apartment of the Farm holidays with furnished kitchen, a bedroom,a bath with shower, a great porch and one terrace where you can admire a beautiful view.


  • Air Conditioning
  • Pet Allowed
  • Bar
  • Parking
  • Swimming Pool
  • Handicap Friendly