Matera of Tuscany". There are numerous testimonies of the Etruscan population but the town was born as a possession of the Aldobrandeschi. Once under the control of the Orsini Counts the city was fortified with a wall which effectively made it a safe haven from the attacks of the Sienese. At the fall of the accounts, Sorano was incorporated to the dominion of Florence and stayed in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany until the unification of Italy. The main village, is located where the historical center, is still enclosed by the walls while outside the town there are vineyards, wheat fields, olive trees and sheep farms. This agricultural vocation has made Sorano a major manufacturer of typical food products of Maremma such as oil, wine and cheese. Even the fractions in which the town is divided are small fortified villages, some of which still retain parts of their defensive walls. Sorano is located within the Archaeological Park of the Tuff City, one of a kind, where you can find buildings and monuments which testify the historical, archaeological and cultural importance of the territory. You can admire the etruscan necropolis carved into the rocks among which the monumental tomb called Ildebranda in which is sculpted the landscape of ancient Etruria and the Tomb of the Siren, the finest of the rock tombs found covered with thick vegetation.|Sorano" />

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