Gelateria Il Ghiottone

ice cream marina di bibbona livorno


Gelateria Il Ghiottone - ice cream marina di bibbona livorno

A chosen width of cakies and cakes personalized for every occasion and the important festivities, Passover and Been born them, doves chocolate eggs and panettones. From the Tuscany tradition we have gained and rielaborato ancient prescriptions of typical products, cake from siena, cantuccini, small horses, ricciarelli. Our decennial experience and I use it of ingredients of good quality assure the goodness and the genuinità of our products. A young atmosphere assures you one gradevole and likeable consumazione of our products.

The quality of the chosen ingredients with cure and wise works to you renders our products particularly appreciates to you. You will be able to taste calm breakfasts with brioches leavend naturally and an optimal chosen coffee between the best Marches. Our assortment of pastes, always freschi cakies, semicolds and frosts to you guarantees you one good resolution for the more important occasions. You will be able to order yours refresh and cakes personalized for your important occasions.